Buba Atanasovska Veljanoski


The Right Messages For A Successful LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

"Embrace learning, cultivate skills, stay attuned to emerging trends, and never fear making mistakes. Marketing is a profession that truly shines when fueled by passion. We can see the enthusiasm for new trends, and captivating content. It's not a profession for just anyone. It demands a unique set of qualities. Courageous, bold, curious, and creative individuals excel in these creative roles. They must be determined change-makers, committed to making the world a better place. Our words are our most potent tools, and it's our responsibility to wield them wisely."

Buba Atanasovska Veljanoski holds the position of Content & Marketing Manager at BizzBee Solutions, where she has gathered extensive experience in the world of digital marketing. Her strong determination and resilience serve as a daily source of motivation for her team, helping them stay updated on the latest marketing trends.

Buba's journey began with a deep love for the written word, and it was this passion that led her to remarkable achievements. She understands the power of words and ensures her team learns how to use them effectively. She leads the road to lead generation with a blend of creativity, courage, and curiosity.

Recognizing the impact of digital transformation, Buba decided to use her expertise to be a part of the change. She understands the impact that social media has on businesses and deploys effective strategies to maximize its potential. For Buba, her role goes beyond just creating content and messages – it's about making a real difference in businesses.

She knows what it takes to craft effective messages, which marketing tactics deliver results, and the essential strategies for success. 

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13:30 - 14:00

Wednesday (GMT+1) 15 November 2023

Buba Atanasovska Veljanoski

The Right Messages For A Successful LinkedIn Outreach Campaign