Natasha Razmoska


Outreach Clash - Choosing The Right Outreach Channel For Your Business

"The landscape is evolving rapidly, particularly in the realm of LinkedIn Outreach and prospecting. We're witnessing constant modifications to LinkedIn's policies, the emergence of outreach tools and scrapers, and most notably, the integration of AI. I am convinced that AI is poised to play a pivotal role in our outreach endeavors, enhancing our efficiency and effectiveness."

Natasha Razmoska is the CEO of BizzBee Solutions, overseeing all operational activities. Her role extends beyond merely generating lead-generation results, leading extensive teams and resources.

According to Natasha, the key to success in life, business, and effective outreach campaigns lies in determination. It was her persistence and love for learning that led her to this position, opening new opportunities for the company.

In the ever-changing digital landscape, Natasha believes in adapting to stay relevant. This involves updating lead generation strategies, learning from mistakes, consistently monitoring key performance metrics, and aligning campaigns with business goals.

Through her journey, Natasha has gathered valuable lessons and established strong foundations for guiding businesses towards success. Now, she possesses all the wisdom in carefully crafting successful campaigns. She emphasizes the importance of giving special attention to individual needs, both for her team members and clients. Her advice to businesses is to care for their clients, build meaningful relationships, and never stop nurturing them.

If you've missed the Summit, you have the opportunity to watch the video below.

16:15 - 16:45

Wednesday (GMT+1) 15 November 2023

Natasha Razmoska

Outreach Clash - Choosing The Right Outreach Channel For Your Business